How can kids Learn Noorani Qaida Effectively

The noorani qaida is a book that contains all the rules and pronunciation of the Quranic words and unique Arabic sounds. It is important to learn the Noorani qaida to be able to recite the Quran.

It is important to teach Noorani qaida to the kids so that they can recite it without any difficulty in the tajweed.

Noorani qaida helps children to develop the Arabic accent and adopt the pronunciation of the Quran. It also helps beginners to understand the rules of the Holy book of Allah.

Here are some practical tips that can help kids to learn Noorani qaida effectively:

Hire an Arab Quran teacher to Learn Noorani Qaida Perfectly

To make the kids learn Noorani qaida effectively, hire a qualified Quran teacher that has a good tajweed and can teach kids according to their age.

A native Arab Quran teacher can be a good choice in this regard. As he /she can help the kids to learn the Noorani qaida with the perfect Arabic accent that is required to recite the Quran.

With the help of a qualified Arab teacher, the children will be able to understand the tajweed rules properly and can clear any confusions they have with the guidance of the teacher.

Follow a structured learning program

In order to learn something effectively, it is important to have a structured learning program which helps to learn anything easily.

Best Noorani Qaida classes for kids are so important to learn Quran reading properly, a well- structured program is very important; it will help them to develop their concepts and practice their pronunciations step by step.

A structured learning program also helps kids to stay focused and their goal and make an effort to learn their lessons according to the plan.

Follow a plan that is according to the age group of your kids so that is easy for them and they don’t feel burdened.

Make kids learn the examples from the Quran

Practice makes a man perfect. So to make your kids’ tajweed perfect, make them learn the examples from the Quran which they have studied from the Noorani qaida. This will make their learning faster and more effective.

Learning the examples from the Quran will help the kids identify different types of pronunciations and tajweed, it will help them to implement the rules of tajweed that they have learnt.

Practicing the lessons of the Noorani qaida from the Quran will help the kids to learn efficiently, without forgetting the lessons too quickly.

Children should make an effort to learn the Makharij

The book of Allah is in Arabic language and it can be a complicated language for beginners, especially kids. The Arabic language has different pronunciations for every letter and it can be a task to remember all the pronunciations of the words.

So, it is important for the kids to practice the Makharij of the words daily and learn them. They should make a special effort to learn the Makharij and use them while reciting the Quran.

Reciting the book of Allah again and again with the perfect tajweed will help the kids to learn the Makharij quickly. Parents should also help the children in learning and practicing the tajweed properly.

Practice and revise the Noorani Qaida everyday

To learn the Noorani qaida effectively, kids should practice and revise it everyday. The revision really helps to remember the lessons, and kids can move further only when their previous lessons are learnt by heart.

Make the kids a routine to practice the new lessons and revise the older ones of the Noorani qaida. Be strict with the kids on the routine so that they can develop a habit of practicing the Noorani Qaida at home.

Learning at the same time everyday will help them to focus better on the Tajweed and memorize the lessons effectively.

Read short verses and surahs with your tutor

To make the children memorize the lessons of the Noorani qaida effectively, tell them to read short verses and Surahs of the Quran with their tutor so that your recitation can become clear.

This will be helpful for the kids to understand the rules and regulations of the Noorani qaida and they will be able to recite the Quran with flow without making mistakes. It will also make them understand the fine details of the tajweed.

Reciting these short verses and surahs with the tutor will help the kids to clear their confusions and correct their mistakes.

So, it is important to make your kids recite the Noorani qaida as it is very important to recite the Quran perfectly. Make sure to make the kids read the Noorani qaida at a younger age so that they can finish the Quran soon. Supervise them and encourage them to learn the Noorani qaida effectively and quickly.

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